Donald Trump is facing legal jeopardy on multiple fronts. Here are the lawyers in his corner.

Trump lawyers

Summary List PlacementJay Sekulow

Sekulow played a leading role defending then-President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial and remains a key figure in Trump’s post-presidency orbit of lawyers.

Last year, as Trump made baseless claims of electoral fraud, Sekulow argued on behalf of the then-president in a challenge to a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that granted three extra days for the receipt of mail-in votes. The US Supreme Court ultimately declined to hear the case.

Ahead of Trump’s second impeachment, over remarks that were seen as inciting a violent mob to storm the Capitol, Sekulow warned that it would be a “gigantic mistake” to seek Trump’s removal and disbarment from holding future office.

“Why divide the country so significantly when the president in fact is going to be out of office in 12 days?” Sekulow asked on his daily radio show.

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But, like other members of Trump’s first impeachment defense team, Sekulow was notably absent from the second Senate impeachment trial. One former Trump administration official told Insider that Sekulow had been “stiff-arming” the former president.

“He didn’t participate in the impeachment. He didn’t do a lot of things I know the president would have preferred to have him in — some things that he skillfully avoided,” the former administration official said.

Still, Sekulow is among the lawyers representing Trump as the Manhattan district attorney and New York state attorney general mount investigations into him and the Trump Organization. 

On his radio show, Sekulow has featured prominent Trump appointees — including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Rick Grenell, the former acting director of US National Intelligence — as he has remained firmly in Trumpworld.

William Consovoy

A former clerk of Justice Clarence Thomas, Consovoy rose to prominence in the Trump administration defending the then-president against House Democrats’ efforts to obtain his personal financial records. 

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Consovoy also joined with Trump’s defense lawyers in New York to head off the Manhattan district attorney’s pursuit of the former president’s tax returns. The case reached the US Supreme Court, which in a 7-2 ruling cleared the way for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance to gain access to Trump’s closely-held financial records.

Ahead of the 2020 election, Consovoy was among the lawyers for Trump who challenged a Nevada law that called for registered voters in the state to automatically receive mail-in ballots and set a minimum number of polling places for in-person voters.

The court challenge, like many filed on Trump’s behalf after the election, was dismissed.

Jesse Binnall

A once little-known lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia, Binnall joined right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell in defending former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn.

The Justice Department ultimately moved to drop the prosecution of Flynn, drawing scrutiny from a federal judge in Washington who questioned the unusual abandonment of a case in which the former Trump advisor twice pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about his past communications with the Russian ambassador to the United …read more

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