Trump is losing in most polls, but his advisers say he’ll leapfrog Biden after Labor Day when voters pay closer attention to the election

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President Donald Trump has been trailing Joe Biden in recent polls but some Republicans close to him say they expect a huge shift in his favor after Labor Day.

‘He’s a political starfish. Whenever he loses a limb he grows another one,’ a longtime Republican strategist told Insider. ‘A lot can change in 100 days, and the only certainty is that it will.’
Several polls have shown Trump trailing Biden even in some Rust Belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan that had been considered safely Republican.
Trump’s advisers are writing off the unfavorable polls, arguing instead that voters rarely pay attention until the final two months of the campaigns.

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Republicans advising President Donald Trump on his re-election bid acknowledge the last several months have been grim for the campaign. But they are repeating a consistent mantra; wait until Labor Day. 

Some Republicans and plenty of Democrats have all but written Trump off. Trump’s persistent unpopularity, his bungled handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and his continuing string of weekly outrages are reflected in recent polls showing more Americans trusting former Vice President Joe Biden to take the reins of the country. 

But Trump’s campaign stalwarts and Republicans close to the White House, more than a dozen of whom spoke with Insider over the past month, say they have trained their eyes on September with hopes for a big and shocking turnaround. 

Trump’s downfall has been predicted from the moment he descended a “gold-plated escalator” at Trump Tower in June 2015, but he shouldn’t be discounted, said Jeff Roe, a longtime Republican campaign strategist. 

“He’s a political starfish. Whenever he loses a limb, he grows another one,” Roe told Insider. “He’s the political candidate who can never be killed. A lot can change in 100 days, and the only certainty is that it will.” 

On one hand, Trump and his supporters insist that the polls showing him losing handily to Biden are “fake news.” Trump famously sent a cease and desist letter demanding CNN retract a June poll that showed him losing to Biden by 14 points. CNN brushed aside Trump’s attack. 

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On the other hand, the triple whammy of the coronavirus pandemic, economic collapse and national protests, reflected in those polls have also caused Trump to regularly shift his strategy. The president has vacillated between opposing and supporting mask use while wavering on how long the country should stay shut down. 

His latest turn has been to drop off the campaign trail and hang back at the White House in an attempt to show that he’s taking the coronavirus seriously. Again.

But perhaps in a sign that he’s concerned polls may not shift in his favor, Trump spent Thursday — the day of the funeral for civil rights icon John Lewis, and the release of withering economic numbers — hedging against a potential loss in November. Without proof, he argued that mail-in voting is rife with fraud and that a final result from the election could take “years.” 

Trump also suggested he could try and …read more

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