24 iPhone accessory gifts for Apple lovers

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We use our phones for almost everything, so it’s no surprise that there are so many accessories to choose from. From high-end headphones to durable Lightning cables, camera lenses, and even a game controller, there are plenty of ideas.

At Insider Reviews, we’ve tested tons of devices and researched many others. Here’s a look at some of the best gift ideas for the iPhone owner in your life, from affordable cases to the Apple Watch.

A PopSocket grip

PopSocket Grip, available at PopSocket, $8+ 

It seems like iPhones get bigger every year, so why not buy a nice sturdy PopSocket grip and save your loved one the pinky strain? These handy grips stick on the back of most iPhone cases with ease and pop out twice to provide excellent grip. Your giftee can even use them to prop up their phone so it stands alone as they watch videos.

PopSocket grips come in more patterns, colors, and styles than I can count, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches the personality of your loved one. I personally love my PopSocket grip so much that I can’t imagine life without it.

Apple’s new tracking device so that you never lose your wallet or keys

Apple AirTags, available at Apple, $29

If the person you’re shopping for can’t seem to keep track of their belongings, try gifting them an AirTag. Apple’s new accessory is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that you can use to keep tabs on belongings like keys, wallets, and bags. But what really distinguishes AirTags from Tile is the fact that it can use nearby iPhones to find your lost items when they’re out of Bluetooth range. Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase an accessory to add AirTags to your keychain. But AirTags’ ability to leverage other iPhones as a finding network still makes them the most useful Bluetooth trackers for Apple fans.

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A pair of glasses to make your iPhone’s screen easier on the eyes

Felix Gray Glasses, available at Felix Gray, $95

Whether you’re reading work emails, binging Netflix, or playing a game, a pair of blue light filtering glasses can make your phone’s screen much easier on the eyes. Felix Gray made a name for itself early on in this space, and it’s one of our top choices for blue light filtering specs thanks to the company’s relatively affordable prices and stylish designs. Frames start at $95, and they’re available in prescription and non-prescription versions.

A long, weighted iPhone cable

Native Union Night Cable, available at Amazon, $39.99

There are two things wrong with the Lightning cable Apple used to include in the box with each new iPhone: The cable is too short and it’s too weak. Native Union’s Night Cable solves both those problems with a 10-foot-long durable cable that can easily reach to charge your phone.

It also has a handy knotted weight on …read more

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