Anthony Fauci reveals which activities he will and won’t do now that he’s vaccinated — and indoor restaurants are still a no

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For most of 2020, the little socializing Anthony Fauci did involved the neighbors right next door. 

Fauci has lived in the same neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC for more than 40 years, and the combination of his busy schedule and pandemic safety concerns confined his social life to a small radius.

“I haven’t gotten the day off in a year and three months,” Fauci told me recently.

When Fauci and his wife did gather with neighbors, they took no chances: The households stayed socially distanced and outdoors, even in the fall and winter when the weather got chilly.

“Whenever we would get together, we would do it outside, freezing our butts off, wearing a mask, having a dinner or having a drink outside in my deck,” he said. 

Then Fauci, who has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, got vaccinated. In a much-photographed moment (see above), he got his first Moderna shot on December 22. In the months that followed, others in his age bracket followed suit.

Being fully vaccinated, Fauci said, has changed his behavior — but only slightly.

The biggest shift is that he and his neighbors have finally moved the party indoors: “We feel very comfortable in the house with no masks, and we can have physical contact and things like that,” he said.

But for now, he still won’t eat indoors at a restaurant or go to a movie theater.

“I don’t think I would — even if I’m vaccinated — go into an indoor, crowded place where people are not wearing masks,” Fauci said.

He’s not planning any travel, either: “I don’t really see myself going on any fun trips for a while,” he said.

Fauci’s caution, he said, stems from the “interesting crossroads” at which the US sits.

A record number of people are getting vaccinated per day — 3 million doses are now given daily, on average — but the number of new infections being reported is still trending upward in 18 states. In Michigan, one of the worst hotspots, average daily cases have more than quadrupled in the last month. 

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“It’s kind of a race between the vaccine and the possibility that there’ll be another surge,” Fauci said. So the more Americans are patient about their return to normal life, he added, the less likely we are to see a fourth case spike. 

Fauci won’t go indoors where people aren’t wearing masks

Like 64 million other Americans, Fauci is regularly assessing what is safe and unsafe as a vaccinated person in a country in which four out of every five people are not yet fully vaccinated. Rising US case rates complicate matters. In the last week, an average of more than 65,000 new cases have been reported per day — a 14% increase from the country’s seven-day average in mid-March.

Given all that, Fauci said his day-to-day life remains essentially unchanged from what it was before he got his shots. He does not see being vaccinated as a green light to resume the myriad …read more

Source:: Business Insider – Science

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