How to use Microsoft Family Safety to manage your family members’ app usage, screen time, and more

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Microsoft Family Safety is more or less just what the name implies: It’s Microsoft’s family safety and parental controls app that you can use to manage your kid’s screen time and device usage. 

To use the service, you need to install the Microsoft Family Safety app on each mobile device you want to manage, and every family member you want to track needs a Microsoft account. 

What to know about Microsoft Family Safety

Once configured, Microsoft Family Safety monitors the screen time and time spent with specific games and apps on phones, tablets, and Xbox. Parents can do more than just monitor usage as well: You can turn on screen time limits and schedules, and filter specific apps and web browsing. The app also tracks locations using mobile device GPS, so you can see where your family members are.

Most of these features are free, though some premium features are only available if you have a subscription to Microsoft 365 Family, most notably location alerts and drive safety features.  

How to get started with Microsoft Family Safety

To use Microsoft Family Safety, you’ll need to install the app on each of your family member’s devices. You can install Microsoft Family Safety for Android or for iOS. Start by installing it on your mobile device as a parent and sign in to your Microsoft account. 

Unless you’ve already created a family group, you’ll initially be the only member of your family. Tap “Add a family member” and enter their email address associated with their Microsoft account. If your child doesn’t yet have a Microsoft account, tap “Create a child account” and follow the instructions to create one for them. They will get an invitation to join your family group; if needed, help them accept the invitation and get started with Family Safety. 

Be sure to install the Microsoft Family Safety app on each of your kids’ devices, signing them into their own Microsoft accounts. 

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How to manage the Family Safety app controls

Once each family member has accepted the invitation and is logged into the Microsoft Family Safety app on their mobile device, you can start to manage their screen time, which apps they are allowed to use, and more. 

Start the Microsoft Family Safety app on your phone (the one that’s logged in with the parental Microsoft account). You should see a list of each family member.
Tap a family member you want to manage and then tap the Settings button (shaped like a gear) at the top right of the screen.

On the family member’s profile page, choose which settings you want to enable in the Screen and Digital Health section. You can enable activity reporting, app and game limits, web and search filters, and apply an age filter. 

Choose your settings and then tap the back arrow at the top left.
How to set screen time limits on Microsoft Family Safety

After enabling screen time limits, you can fine-tune the way it works. 

Start your Microsoft Family Safety app and tap the family member you want to manage.
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