Tech recruiters share the most — and least — in-demand roles in tech right now, and what they’re looking for in winning candidates

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Tech startups are among the many industries taking a hit from the pandemic — only 15% of tech executives see hiring as a top priority for the second half of 2020, according to one survey.
Business Insider reached out to technical recruiters to gain insights on the types of companies hiring for tech, jobs in the greatest demand, and strategies to land those coveted roles.
Health and wellness, online learning, and ecommerce are now hiring hotspots in tech, and the highest number of job openings are in software engineering.
Recruiting leaders are looking for adaptable individuals to adjust to virtual working, so emphasize any technical leadership, startup, and remote working experience.

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With the US experiencing a double-digit unemployment rate, industries across the board have been impacted, including many once-promising tech startups. According to the latest count from layoff tracker, 540 tech startups have downsized since the start of the pandemic, resulting in over 72,000 layoffs. 

“Tech jobs have not been spared in the pandemic, though they have fared better than other sectors,” said Brianne Thomas, head of recruiting for recruitment software platform Jobvite. “Though tech companies initially pulled back on hiring, we’re now seeing tech hiring get stronger.”

She added that recruiters are starting to take advantage of the “flipped labor market” — where companies hold the power as a result of more job seekers than job openings

While more jobs are being created, the recovery may be a slow one, according to a survey of over 130 CIOs conducted by the social network Pulse, a platform leveraged by tech executives at Netflix, GE, Facebook, Clorox, Google, Amazon, and more. It found that only 15% of respondents listed hiring as a top priority for the rest of 2020.

Business Insider reached out to several technical recruiters to learn about the types of companies that are seeing growth for tech roles, the jobs that are in the greatest demand, and how candidates can stand out in a sea of tech talent. 

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Health and wellness, online learning, and ecommerce among the top recruiters in tech right now

Recruiters and executives said they’re seeing the most growth at highly relevant companies for the pandemic, such as telehealth providers as well as broader health and pharma companies, streaming services, education and online learning enterprises, food and product delivery services, online communication and collaboration tools, social commerce players, and fintech startups.

“If the company has an app or product that eliminates the need to leave the house, the demand has skyrocketed,” said Jona Jennings, a senior technical sourcer at remote engineering staffing company who’s worked in recruiting for Microsoft, Wayfair, and Tesla.

Kerri McKinney, the director of global sourcing for who has over 10 years of experience hiring for high-growth companies like PayPal and Amazon, added that she’s also seen an increase in recruiting in the health and wellness industry “as more companies figure out how to help people during these unprecedented times.” 

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