These 11 Seattle tech sales roles bring in six-figures at companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle (AMZN, MSFT, GOOG, ORCL, CSCO)

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It’s not only tech jobs that fetch high salaries at tech companies. The sales team brings in the money, and the employees who make it happen are critical to a business’ success.

Amazon Web Services, for example, pays salaries as high as $160,000 per year for jobs on its sales team in Seattle, according to a Business Insider analysis of federal data.

American companies have to disclose salaries when they apply for visas on behalf of current or prospective foreign workers. The Office of Foreign Labor Certification publishes the salaries every year.

We analyzed the data for more than 14,000 active foreign-worker visas in Washington state in 2020 to find the highest tech sales salaries among workers in the Seattle area (notably, the data covers annual base salary not total compensation, which can include bonuses or stock awards). 

Here are 11 Seattle-area tech sales roles that bring in six-figures at companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle:

Expedia analytics manager of digital media sales

Salary: $94,500 to $125,359

Top responsibility: Expedia, which has been hard hit in the coronavirus crisis, doesn’t have any open posting for this role. But a job posting dated May 2017 describes the role as the following: “Generate insightful management reporting of global sales efforts, measuring performance against targets and highlighting notable achievements and key trends across sales regions, verticals and channels.”

Microsoft Sales Operations Program Manager

Salary: $90,500 to $114,800

Top responsibility: “Leading sales planning, driving sales discipline and improving productivity to enable sales teams to reach maximum impact, in line with company/area strategy.”

Egencia sales operations manager

Salary: $124,293 (only one salary listed in the data).

Top responsibility: Egencia, the Expedia Group-owned business travel company, doesn’t have any postings for this position. A closed job posting on LinkedIn, however, lists responsibilities including “support the sales organization and help drive key decisions using excellent business and data analysis.”

Amazon Advertising performance marketing sales analyst

Salary: $128,800 (only one salary listed in the data).

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Top responsibility: Amazon Advertising doesn’t list an open position for a performance marketing sales analyst, but in general sales analysts and marketing analysts at Amazon are charged with enabling “effective decision making by retrieving and aggregating data from multiple sources and compiling recommendations into a digestible and actionable format,” according to related job postings.

Amazon Advertising advertising sales representative III

Salary: $141,930.00 (only one salary listed in the data).

Similar job posting: “Account rep III.”

Top responsibility: “Developing and managing a sales pipeline of strategic accounts while executing sales strategies to secure deals that will exceed aggressive account acquisition and output goals.”

Oracle principal sales consultant

Salary: $143,000 to $177,474

Top responsibility: “Responsible as the expert for formulating and leading presales technical/functional support activity to prospective clients and customers while ensuring customer satisfaction.”

Cisco Systems sales specialist

Salary: $144,506 (only one salary listed in the data).

Top responsibility: “You will lead all aspects of the customer account with respect to services deal transactions.”

Amazon Web Services sales operations


Sales operations III: $150,000
Sales operations II: $85,690 to $125,000

Top responsibility: “Create and manage mechanisms to optimize core sales operations functions, such as goals/[key …read more

Source:: Business Insider – Tech

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