Utah Jazz: How do you sell a rebuild to Jazz fans? | Opinion

In 2021, the Utah Jazz franchise began rebuilding its brand. Now the front office is rebuilding the team.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News


To: Utah Jazz

From: Anonymous fan

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you that I will not renew my season tickets. The trade of Bojan Bogdanvic on Thursday cliched it; I’m outta here. I’m starting my own rebuilding phase, like you. I’m rebuilding my bank account. It might take years. Sell the tickets to someone who’s up for watching a team scratch its way back into relevance.

Been there, done that.

Here’s the problem: It’s difficult to justify paying thousands of dollars for tickets when you are jettisoning your best players right and left and making it very clear that you’re rebuilding the team for the future — a project that will take, what, three to five years. Sheesh, they built the Eiffel Tower in two. Since you’re rebuilding for the future, I’ll get back to you in the future.

Sports franchises are the only businesses that can openly tell their customers: “Sorry, but we are going to sell you a much-inferior product for a few years — a lot more losing, no playoffs, no star players, that sort of thing — so we can sell you a really good model years down the road. Maybe. Who knows about these things? Meanwhile, make the best of it and make your check payable to …”

You dumped Donovan Mitchell, the latest Franchise Player. He stayed all of five years. He’s only 26 and still had three years remaining on his contract. You unloaded Rudy Gobert, the other face of the team. You sent Royce O’Neal to the East Coast and Patrick Beverley to the West Coast. And let’s not forget fan-favorite Joe Ingles, who was jettisoned last winter. Oh, and coach Quin Snyder resigned. Now you’ve traded away Bogdanovic — I was just learning to say his name — and there go the top four players from last season.

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