Why the praise, accolades for Zach Wilson continue unabated

Quarterback Zach Wilson warms up during BYU’s pro day in Provo on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Quarterback Zach Wilson warms up during BYU’s pro day in Provo on Friday, March 26, 2021. Wilson is projected to go early in the first round of the NFL draft, perhaps No. 2 overall to the New York Jets. | Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

The hype over the former BYU quarterback’s NFL prospects has taken on a life of its own

Sorry, Jason Ah You. All that impressive work you and your gang did to stage a top-drawer BYU pro day didn’t really matter to most of the NFL media herd.

With or without that day, the horde already had what was needed to create layer upon layer of Zach Wilson hype: They had film.

The Wilson hype machine has become an organic phenomenon this winter and spring.

The media pack, and throw a multitude of NFL scouts into that swarm, have been on Wilson like bees on honey.

It’s a sweet anthem for BYU fans and fingernails on the blackboard for haters.

But it’s there.

As for the Jets, this likely means they’re all-in on Zach Wilson, which I obviously approve of. My #1 QB in this draft, feels like I am watching Mahomes again. Exceptional throwing, best arm in the draft, amazing off-schedule.

— Chris Simms (@CSimmsQB) April 5, 2021

It’s only getting louder and more frequent.

It isn’t going away.

And leading up to the NFL draft, it’s going to get higher and louder and thicker.

The latest comes from ESPN NFL insider Field Yates, whose breakdown of Wilson was pure saccharine.

Well, he does fiddle in fantasy football. But his report of Wilson is still sugar.

Yates doesn’t do contract work for BYU’s depleted sports information machine, still reeling from fall layoffs.

He’s works for the biggest sports voice in the game.

Yates starts his TV segment, now on YouTube, with a script that begins: “So, sometimes when the pocket breaks down or the first read is unavailable, I need a quarterback to simply make a play and Zach Wilson is the most exciting playmaker prospect of the quarterback position in the 2021 NFL draft.”

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Yates then sets up his film break with this Wilson anthem:

“Wilson’s rise was meteoric during the 2020 season as the 21-year-old true junior tripled his touchdown passes from the year before, from 11 to 33, while throwing just one-third of the interceptions, down from nine to three.

“He has an unquestioned electricity to him that takes just a handful of plays to discover. Wilson displays an array of creativity inside and outside of the pocket, a fearlessness to let the ball rip down the field, of willingness, extend a play, fight for more, and the athletic ability to make this all happen.”

If you pinned me down and forced me to pick between Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, I might pick Wilson. It’s that close for me. Honestly, I’m surprised the Jaguars’ new head coach didn’t show up at BYU’s pro day.

— Gil Brandt (@Gil_Brandt) April 5, 2021

The report by Yates isn’t couched in what-ifs or what he didn’t …read more

Source:: Deseret News – Sports News

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