Apple’s big September event was one of the most disappointing iPhone launches in recent memory (AAPL)

Tim Cook

Apple held a big event on Wednesday to unveil a handful of new devices, including three new iPhones and a new Apple Watch.
The new Apple Watch and iPhones were everything that everyone thought they would be, based on reports — no major surprises.
Apple had no other surprises, and didn’t make some announcements that many were expecting.
While it wasn’t mentioned at the event, Apple that same day quietly retired a handful of older devices, including the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, and the company removed all mentions of its planned wireless charger called AirPower, announced last year, from its website.

I’ve been watching Apple events as part of my job for almost a decade. And Wednesday’s event in Cupertino, where Apple unveiled the iPhone XS, XR, and Apple Watch Series 4, has to be one of the more disappointing Apple events in recent memory.

First of all, it’s important to note that Apple events are kind of in their own category. Even a yawn-inducing Apple event like Wednesday’s affair is better than most other events or conferences thrown by rival tech companies, which are typically slow, boring affairs that usually reveal some kind of fundamental disconnect with their audience. Apple’s keynote was not “bad” by any means, but this iPhone launch felt different compared to past events.

— The new iPhone XS is an incremental improvement over last year’s iPhone X, an announcement made less impressive by the fact we’ve known about its details for months, and there were none of the surprises that Apple is known for. It’s not like iPhone details leaking before it’s officially announced is anything new, but we still didn’t get any of the magic Apple normally turns out for its iPhone events.

We knew about the fingerprint sensor coming in the iPhone 5S before it was announced, for instance, but seeing it in action at its unveiling was a real “wow” moment. Even the iPhone 6S, which was a very modest improvement over the iPhone 6, introduced 3D Touch, which has become a relatively useful feature — I use it all the time to turn on my flashlight from my lock screen, just by “pushing” into the left corner of the display. With the new iPhone XS, the biggest real difference from last year’s iPhone X is a dual-SIM card system, which you’ll find either essential or totally unnecessary, and a camera feature that allows you to change the bokeh, or blur effect, on your portrait photos after they’re already taken. It’s a cool trick, no doubt, but I don’t take that many portrait photos, and it’s unfortunately one of the only notable differences between this year’s lineup and last year’s iPhone X.

— The cheaper iPhone XR has more appealing features than the iPhone XS, putting the XS in an awkward spot. In 2013, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and 5C at the same event, with a similar idea: The iPhone 5S would represent Apple’s pushing the limits of technology, while the iPhone 5C …read more

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