Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall ‘snubs’ Princess Eugenie’s wedding in favour of house party in Scotland

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is not going to Princess Eugenie’s wedding because she is hosting a shooting party at her Scottish home this weekend, sources have told The Daily Telegraph.

It was revealed this week that the Duchess will not attend Saturday’s nuptials at Windsor Castle, becoming the only senior member of the Royal family to miss the celebration.

Clarence House has said the Duchess had a “previous commitment” attending a local school harvest festival near Birkhall, Charles’s home at Balmoral.

Two other jobs were also announced this week. But an insider said: “The truth is that Camilla has a house party for a few friends and doesn’t want to let them down. They are arriving [Saturday] and will be there over the weekend.

“She only told the Duke and Duchess of York recently and they were quite upset. The date of the wedding was known eight months ago so they don’t understand why Camilla organized her house party this weekend. It’s fair to say it’s created a bit of bad feeling.”

The alleged “snub” will fuel rumours that there is a rift at the heart of the monarchy. The Duchess of Cornwall and Sarah, Duchess of York have never seen eye to eye because of the latter’s loyalty to Diana, Princess of Wales, while there is also tension between the Prince of Wales and his younger brother.

A Clarence House spokesman denied there was any ill-feeling, saying: “They get on very well, the couple has no issue with it – they have known about the diary clash for some time.”

He added that the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall “host events every day throughout this period every year. It’s the stalking season, then into shooting – they have guests for that every year, as does the Queen.”

It is believed the Yorks tried to persuade the Duchess of Cornwall, 71, to attend but to no avail. A friend said: “The truth is that she’s not that close to the Yorks and she also thinks the wedding has become too large and tacky.

“The Duchess is quite a down-to-earth person and she can’t believe it’s necessary for Eugenie to invite 850 guests and have a carriage ride through the streets of Windsor.

“It’s hard to see her turning down the invitation as anything other than a snub but she insists she has another social event which she must be at.”

The Duchess’s no-show will be seen as opening up rifts at a time when the Royal family is riding a wave of popularity following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding in May.

The Prince of Wales – who turns 70 next month – and his younger brother have different visions for the future. The Duke of York wants Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie to have greater roles but the Prince believes the monarchy must be slimmed down to survive and show value for money.

The rest of the Royal family – including the Prince and 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh – are expected to join the Queen for the 11am …read more

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