Spotify launches do-it-yourself platform in Canada for local advertisers

TORONTO — The Spotify music-streaming business is pitching a way for Canadians to create their own audio advertising.

The multinational company says that beta trials of Spotify Ad Studio — a platform that allows marketers to upload full audio spots or scripts to be voiced by the company — have been expanded to include Canada and the United Kingdom.

The self-serve platform has been going through trials in the United States for about five months.

Among the claims made by Spotify is that it can use consumer music preferences as a way to target advertising — in addition to age, sex and location.

Spotify charges its customers for each delivered advertisement, with the price affected by the targeting parameters and a $250 minimum payment in local currency.

The company doesn’t provide country-specific information about its audience but it has an estimated global audience of 159 million paying monthly active users and 92 million free monthly active users.

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Source:: Nationalpost

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